Super Chick Sisters Game

How to play:

Colonel Sanders and his minions have kidnapped Pamela Anderson for revealing to the world that KFC’s secret recipe is cruelty to chickens .Help the super chick sisters save Pamela Anderson before it is too late
Use the ARROWS to move.
UP ARROWS to jump,climb and break blocks.
Click ESC to pause the game.
Defeat enemies by jumping on their heads.

Forgotten Rites Game

How to Play:

Use ENTER KEY to examine,skip dialogue
       P KEY to pause/inventory
       ARROW KEYS to move
       UP ARROW to jump
       DOWN ARROW to duck or get back up
       A KEY press and hold to run
       S KEY to special attack
       D KEY to punch and kick
Press ENTER KEY to enter doors in the background

Black Ops Korean Conflict Game

How to play:

Use 1 2 3 4 5 KEYS to change weapon
      W KEY to jump
      E KEY to open door
      A KEY TO move left
      S KEY to double-tap S to jump down from platforms
      D KEY to move right
      SHIFT KEY to sprint
      SPACEBAR to look
      P KEY to pause/current objective
Use the MOUSE to fire and weapon change

Treasure Hunters Game

How to play:

Use W A S D KEYS to move
Use the MOUSE to aim
Use the LEFT MOUSE click for lucky 7
Use the SHIFT to haste
Use Q KEY to drain
        E KEY to avenger
        R KEY to flash jump
        F KEY to shadow partner
        X KEY to drink Mana Potion
        Z KEY to pickup item