Kuzcos Quest for Gold Game

How to play:

In order to get his face on the trophies .
Kuzco has to beat the high score in every event in the decathlon.
Help Kuzco on his trophy quest.
Press the left and right ARROW KEYS back and forth to give Kuzco power .Press the keys faster for more power.
Press the SPACEBAR to perform an action.

Pizza Pronto Game

How to play:

I am the pizza pronto chef,help me to make success of my pizza delivery.
Serve the customers with a great smile and of course a fast delivery on time.
Follow the instructions when you play this game
Use the MOUSE to play

Brain Spa Game

How to Play:

Memorize the customer’s food orders then select the READY bell or wait for the food to appear ,when the order appear on the counter ,drag the plates to the appropriate customers to give them their food ,or double-click a dish to serve it to the next customer.
The faster you serve correct orders,the higher your score.

Hedgehog Challenge Game

How to play:

Use the SPACEBAR to jump
ESCAPE KEY to pause
M KEY to mute
ARROW KEYS to move
Increase your score by creating combos
Get speed and jump over several floors ,try to keep the hedgehog spinning.
Create a chain of ascending combos to get even more score.

Balance on One Wheel Game

How to play:

Try to stay balanced as long as possible and avoid falling obstacles .Try to stay in balance is to have the wheel directly under your hips by moving the wheel or your hips or both at the same time.
LEFT and RIGHT ARROW to move wheel
A KEY and D KEY to move hips.

Super Hero Squad Game

How to play:

1 Build towers to stop enemies.
Click or drag the superhero icons into the city map to add your stark defenders.
2 Choose your stark defenders.
3 Upgrade your stark defenders.
4 Build your defenses creatively.
5 Game Tips:
Send in the next wave early for a time bonus.
Complete all 30 waves for a massive victory bonus.

Pirate Ship of Fools Game

How to play:

Guide shaggy and scooby through a series of interactive action and logic based puzzles.
To succeed, your objectives are to:
WATCH the scenes for valuable clues.
COLLECT inventory items to help you overcome obstacles,KEEP your coolness until the end of the episode.
To help you along on your quest,the main game screen holds your INVENTORY(where you access stored inventory items).
Use the ARROW KEYS to walk.
Use the SPACEBAR for action .
Use S KEY to save your current game.
Use L KEY to load the last saved game.
Use T KEY to exchange the selected item with the next one in the inventory
Use P KEY to pause the game.
FEAR-O-METER This gauge is located in the top-left corner ,this measures the character’s current coolness level,if it falls to zero,the game is over,Shaggy and Scooby are too afraid to continue the quest.

Golden Bell Quest Game

How to play:

Ring the bell in ascending order according to the number being displayed on the right.
Get the flowers for bonus points.
Move the mouse for direction.
Click to jump.
Click and hold to jump higher.
Use the UP ARROW to jump.
Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW to move.

Tricky Pool Game

How to play:

Pocket the balls before they disappear from the table.
If you pocket the CUE ball,you get a penalty of 5 seconds on each ball.
Try to pocket the balls within less time to get more bonus points .the faster you pocket ,more bonus points are credited.

Fastest Burger Maker Game

How to play:

Use the MOUSE to play this Game
In this Game you need to prove your cooking skills by making burgers in short period of time .
Use meat ,bread and other items in the same order to prepare burgers as each of the customer’s request given in the menu list.
Do this as fast as possible and don’t put on hold for long time .