ATV Offroad Thunder Game

How to play:

This is a FMX competition so jump higher and do stunts
Use UP & DOWN ARROWS to move forward and backward
Use LEFT & RIGHT ARROWS to lean the ATV’s body
SPACE BAR to jump
Z KEY to activate nitro
1 to 7 KEYS to perform stunt.
Collect nitro bonuses to fill up your nitro tank.
Collect gold and special bonuses to score more

Cannibal Control Game

How to play:

Use the MOUSE to move the character right or left to bounce the villagers coming in from the edge of the screen into the cannibal’s mouth without dropping them.
Make sure the cannibal doesn’t go hungry otherwise you’ll end up losing a limb or two

Pizza Pronto Game

How to play:

I am the pizza pronto chef,help me to make success of my pizza delivery.
Serve the customers with a great smile and of course a fast delivery on time.
Follow the instructions when you play this game
Use the MOUSE to play

Charles 007 Game

How to play:

Use the A KEY to move right
              D KEY to move left
              SPACE BAR to change weapon
Shoot with left mouse button.
Move cursor to lower screen to crouch.
Click while crouching to reload

Brain Spa Game

How to Play:

Memorize the customer’s food orders then select the READY bell or wait for the food to appear ,when the order appear on the counter ,drag the plates to the appropriate customers to give them their food ,or double-click a dish to serve it to the next customer.
The faster you serve correct orders,the higher your score.